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Controversial Topics For A Persuasive Essay On Politics

In the country we live in today controversial topics on politics are on the news and in the newspapers on a daily basis but everyone has their opinion on various topics and you can use this for your persuasive essay.  The point of a persuasive essay is to not make the reader believe you idea to be right but to consider you argument valid, which you can do by doing your research and supporting your topic.  Here I will give you some ideas for controversial topic on politics and you can choose from these ones or you can use them to get ideas for you topic.

Controversial Topics On Politics

  • Abortion:  This has been a hot button topic for a while now and the government has been trying to make laws against it but you is you take on the subject of abortion.
  • Legalizing Marijuana:  Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington and twenty three other states that have medical marijuana already legal, do you think that it should be legalized everywhere or should it just be restricted to medical use?
  • Legalizing Prostitution:  It is called the oldest profession but you do think that is should be legal.  You could argue that it would make it safer for the prostitutes or that it is wrong and should never be legalized.
  • Minimum Wage:  This has been in the news a lot lately because most people that live on minimum wage argue that it is not a living wage and that no one can live on it without government assistance.  What do you think the minimum wage should be for our country?
  • Capitalism:  Do you think that capitalism is hurting or helping out country?  Do you think that private owners are hurting our country’s economy?
  • Gay Marriage:  With some states banning gay marriage and others making it legal, do you think that a same sex couple should have the same rights to marry as straight couples?
  • Death Penalty:  There has been controversy with this topic for year because so deem it inhuman but other find that it is a great way to punish someone who has done a horrible crime.

These topics should give you an idea of what kind of controversial politics topics you can do you essay on.  The best place to find these kind of topics is on debate sites because they are controversial and they are debated a lot.

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