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What Are The Main Parts Of A Literary Essay: A Brief Tutorial

A literary essay is the type of paper, which requires the students to analyze a piece of literature like a book, art, painting, music, movie, or a play etc. This assignment will have the student write in different parts and divide their tasks into easy milestones. You have to come up with a strong stance that you will develop in the paper and then base the rest of the essay in proving this stance.

If you want to understand the parts for a literary paper, then you should read the article below for each.

The first part of your essay is going to be a catchy title, which you will use to engage your readers and present your idea to them. The topic of your paper is critical because many other students will be writing a literary assignment on the same subject and your topic will give you an edge

The second part of your paper would be an introduction where you add a transitional hook for the readers. Describe the author and title of the book and discuss its main characters. You will give a brief summary about the book to your readers followed by a thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph

Your paper will have three major sections, namely introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduction and conclusion have one paragraph each while the body paragraphs will depend upon the number of major arguments. In a body paragraph, you need to write a topic sentence showing what this paragraph is about and the way it relates with your thesis. Then you provide the context for the quote in your assignment. The supporting evidence you use to support your argument in a body paragraph need to be valid and reliable. You have to tell your readers who says so and why does the person or organization say so. If you take facts or data from a third source, you must cite the source. Describe the way this quote or fact proves or compliments your thesis statement. The last thing in a body paragraph is the closing sentence where you end your paragraph by including a smooth transition for the next paragraph

This process will remain same for all body paragraphs in your essay

The last section in your paper is the conclusion. You will summarize your work and show the larger significance of the essay in your conclusion

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