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Privacy Issues Surrounding Biometric I.D. Systems

Technology truly does resemble Orwell’s 1984 and the popular Star Trek movies these days. The advancements are amazing. One such innovation, Biometric ID Systems, has people concerned about privacy issues. The concerns are five-fold: unauthorized collection, unnecessary collection, forensic database use, personal tracking, and data corruption.

If your biometric identifiers are on file what is to prevent the holder of the system from using your identification at their whim or desire? A check system has to be developed to prevent unauthorized use of your personal biometric identifiers. Not only must a system be developed, but also the public needs to know the basics of the protocol for transparency purposes. Every secret does not need to be revealed, but reassurance is necessary.

What constitutes necessary collection for biometric identification? There must be criteria that clearly state what is necessary and what is unnecessary collection. Once those guidelines are developed, strict adherence is a must.

If your identification, such as DNA, fingerprinting, or eye scan is filed in the criminal or FBI database, who determines when your information is accessed and why it is accessed? What are the parameters for misidentification? Legal experts all over the world are studying these concerns since some of these biometric identification methods are so new. This is a concern for many people.

When terrorism concerns are at an all-time high, biometric identification is being discussed. The concern over personal tracking is that the tracking is justified and not at a whim of a bureaucrat. The steps for making the decision to chip or GPS a person, their vehicle, or their home must be flawless and have stringent requirements. This can be used as a tool on the war of terrorism if it is used correctly. The public wants to know what the rules are.

Every day database corruption is in the news. It seems that no data bank is immune to compromise. This unlawful access would result in horrific consequences if it happened to a base that contained any biometric information. There has to be cautionary actions and defense to keep this information safe.

The world of technology grows and changes every single day. With this growth, especially in the filed of biometric identification, there must be checkpoints, protocol, clarity, and defenses. The public’s concerns must be answered. The people must know how: unauthorized collection, unnecessary collection, forensic database use, personal tracking, and data corruption will be addressed and revealed.

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