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Who Can Help Me to Write My Investigative Essay

Similar to a research paper an investigative essay kind of assignment that is often a precursor to what will become an argumentative essay. The major difference is that an investigative essay allows you to bring in some of your personal experiences or opinion into your writing. Your emphasis is still to use outside resources you find in academic journals, books, media, etc. but you can bring in some information you’ve found out on your own.

Finding online samples:

Many writers feel there is no greater way to learn the craft than by imitating the experts. Finding online samples of investigative essays is a great way to get help in crafting your own paper. Many professional media writers or academics will post links to their published works or provide personal portfolios of their essays for anyone to source and use (with proper credit) for his or her research. Chances are you should be able to find plenty of good samples on just the subject you are writing on. If you do decide to source the information, be sure you don’t plagiarize and always be sure you follow the proper citation guidelines for your field.

Getting writing help from a tutor:

Many institutions and schools have several writing tutors who specialize in several different kinds of writing. Since investigative essays are a bit different than traditional essays, you’ll want to be sure the person you get help from has some experience in just this type of writing. Ask to see some samples and be sure that your tutor knows what your assignment should be about. There are several online tutors that can help as well. Professional tutors can help you locate sources, create an outline, review your drafts and more. Again, though, be sure to vet their credentials before listening to all they have to say.

Hiring a professional writer:

Professional writers are an excellent source of help and are available through a number of online writing websites. Professional writers can help you through every stage of your writing and be as involved as you need them to be. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a professional writer put together a sample for you to review. You get a well-written essay on just the topic you are writing on and be given the opportunity to learn by imitation and repetition. The cost of hiring professional writer will vary, so be sure you know exactly what it is you are getting for your money.

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