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How to write a persuasive essay outline to compose a winning paper

Many students usually cannot tell a difference between an argumentative essay, a descriptive essay, an evaluative essay, and a narrative essay. There are many types of essays and students need to be very clear about these if they want to write good quality essays. If you are asked to make an outline for a persuasive essay on a certain topic, you should first understand what a persuasive essay is.

What is a persuasive essay?

It is the type of essay, which aims on convincing the reader about the topic of your essay. You do not have to compare or contrast this topic or subject with other essays all you need to do is write the essay in a way that when the reader is done he feels good about it. You should leave the reader with an impression that he feels convinced of your stance

How to make an outline

Students can take help from the following guidelines to make a good outline that they will follow for their persuasive essay

Collect all the data

To be able to compose a strong outline you need to get all the research work done. You can collect all the data that you think is relevant. It is easier to remove irrelevant data later. However if you miss some important data you need, it will take you a long while to research again. Never delay research for another time. Before you even write anything, the first step is to collect raw data

Calculate the time you have

After doing the research work and having the raw data, calculate the time you are left with. You can get an idea of how many hours a day you should dedicate to your essay

Draw a web diagram on a paper

When you know the estimated hours for your essay, you can then sketch a web diagram on the paper, dividing the essay into integral portions. Give 30 minutes to introduction and an hour to conclusion. Remember to leave another 30 minutes for revision and proof reading. Connect the spider webs with each other to show which information has to be put where and divide the body essays accordingly

Put relevant information in same paragraph

While making an outline it is important to understand that all the information that is of same kind should come under the same paragraph

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