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Composing An Essay About Yourself: 12 Outstanding Topics

To talk about yourself is always easy, and you can barely find your words. On the other hand, to write a composition about yourself is ten times harder; you have to choose wisely what you say, because your entire class will listen to you. Even more, you need to find a very interesting topic to make sure that they are interested in what you have to say. No ideas? Check these out:

  1. The first memory that you have. How old were you? 2 years old? More? For sure this would be interesting for your colleagues and you can ask them to tell you their first memories.
  2. Your aspirations as a child. For sure you changed your mind since then, but what did you wanted to become when you were little and why?
  3. Your biggest quality. This will be a challenge for you, as not many teenagers can recognize their qualities. If you don’t feel confident to talk about this by yourself, you can ask a colleague to help you by giving you an opinion.
  4. The first time you felt peace. Peace is a magic feeling for many people, and they struggle all their life to reach to it. When did you feel completely satisfied and connected with those around you?
  5. Your family. Believe it or not, almost your entire personality is influenced by your parents, so you have to talk about them before you talk about yourself.
  6. Your goals in life. Here you have the chance to dream; you can talk about the career that you want to follow, a place that you want to visit or someone you would like to meet.
  7. What are the most important things for you in life? Of course, we all have principles and ideas, but where do they come from?
  8. What is the only thing that you would never do? This is a fun subject and you have the chance to learn new things about your colleagues.
  9. The first time you felt proud. It was a special moment in your life, so you have the chance to share it.
  10. What would you change about yourself? This topic requires some honesty, but it’s nothing that you can’t do.
  11. What is your idol and why? This can say many things about you.
  12. The things that impress you the most.

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