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Great Ideas for Strong Analysis Essay Topics

Analysis essays are generally about processes, causes, and effects. Although you can be asked to “analyze” a piece of literary work, it is more an exposition than an analysis. Selecting a strong topic for your analysis essay is one of the most important things you do in writing the essay. Your topic determines the usefulness, relevance, and success of your work. When deciding on a topic, think about what you like doing. You will be able to write better about the things you have knowledge of. The deeper your knowledge is the simpler and more understandable will be your analysis. Here are a few ideas for a strong analysis essay topic:

  1. Causes of World War II
  2. Causes of Poverty
  3. Effects of Poverty on studies and grades
  4. Effects of malnutrition
  5. How to train a puppy
  6. How to keep a python as your pet
  7. How do ants make colonies?
  8. Causes of world food shortage
  9. How to become rich, quick
  10. How to lose all your money, soon
  11. Causes of diarrhea
  12. Causes of bad memory/forgetfulness
  13. Effects of alcoholism on family life
  14. Effects of drug addiction on relationships/marriage
  15. How to quit smoking
  16. How to write an analysis essay
  17. How to make a window garden
  18. How to paint your room
  19. How to design a dress
  20. How to make chocolate chip cookies in no time
  21. Causes of air pollution
  22. Effects of air pollution on the human respiratory tract
  23. Effects of pollution on wildlife/marine life
  24. How to talk to an angry parent
  25. Effects of going through abuse as a child on adult life
  26. How to keep children safe on the Internet
  27. How to make friends in a new place
  28. How to travel on a budget
  29. How to combat racism on campus
  30. How to behave with a friend in mourning
  31. How to break an unsatisfactory relationship
  32. How to spot a winner amongst losers
  33. Effects of emotional violence on adolescents
  34. Effects of domestic violence on children
  35. Causes of marital disharmony

Your analysis essay should be easily understandable. If you are analyzing a process, it should give systematic instructions without missing anything. If you require more assistance than just choosing a topic, try a writing service. Your analysis essay can be a huge success even if you are not great at writing.

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