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Composing Winning Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

Whenever you are assigned a persuasive essay assignment you are given the opportunity to have a lot of fun writing about a topic you are really interested in. The whole point of a persuasive essay is to convince your reader of a position on a particular topic. The most effective way of composing a great essay, then, is writing about something you are passionate about. Here are some great ideas for persuasive essays. Use them for your own essay or as starting points to compose your own topics:

  • Should classes start at a later time in the morning? Some students have concentrating in classes when school begins too early in the day. Would having school start at 10:00 improve concentration, grades, and academic success?
  • Should certain subjects be reserved for late mornings or afternoons? Related to the previous question, would it beneficial to hold certain subjects like math or science later in the day and leave less demanding classes for the morning?
  • Should teenagers as young as 14 be allowed to apply and get jobs? It can be said that getting a job as a teenager teaches a certain level of responsibility. Does this mean we should take a serious look at allowing younger teenagers work?
  • Should obese passengers on planes be asked to pay for more than one seat? If an obese person takes up more than his or her space should they need to pay for extra space used on a sold-out plane?
  • Should daytime television allow cursing or foul language? Foul language is a part of life but censors still don’t allow cursing on daytime television, allowing banned words to only be used infrequently during nighttime shows.
  • Should young adults who commit violent crimes be tried and punished as adults? This is a controversial debate that has many components. Should there be an across the board rule about when a young adult should be tried as an adult?
  • Should the legal voting age be reduced to 16, 15 or even 13? If students are getting smarter and more aware of the society and politics that surround them, should they be allowed to voice their opinions and represented by vote?
  • Should teens be allowed to purchase video games that have large amounts of violence? It’s believed that violent video games can lead to violent behavior. If this is the case should teens be prevented from purchasing violent games to begin with?

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