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Interesting Topics to do an Argumentative Essay On

What is an argumentative essay? It’s an essay that explores both sides of something controversial and argues why one side is best. You must know what you are trying to prove and must research thoroughly to write a good argumentative essay.

Here’s a list of 55 controversial topics that you could write an argumentative essay on:

  1. Should abortion be legal?
  2. Should underage girls have parental consent for abortion?
  3. Is drinking milk healthy for humans?
  4. Do violent video games cause violent behavior?
  5. Should prostitution be legal?
  6. Is it ethical to use animals for medical testing?
  7. Should the drinking age in the United States be lowered?
  8. Should drinking be illegal?
  9. Should marijuana be legalized?
  10. Is the price of a college education worth it?
  11. Should the death penalty be allowed?
  12. Should felons have the right to vote?
  13. Was Bill Clinton a good president?
  14. Was Ronald Reagan a good president?
  15. Should minimum wage be increased?
  16. Is cloning morally and ethically wrong?
  17. Is genetic engineering wrong?
  18. Should we use stem cells from human embryos for medical research?
  19. Should schools teach sex education?
  20. Should schools use the D.A.R.E. program?
  21. Are prisons overpopulated?
  22. Should men use birth control pills?
  23. Is assisted suicide acceptable?
  24. Are we becoming too dependant on computers?
  25. Should cigarette smoking be banned?
  26. Do beauty pageants send a bad message?
  27. Are child beauty pageants acceptable?
  28. Should the government provide its citizens with health care?
  29. Are women as violent as men?
  30. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  31. Is there life on other planets?
  32. Should we colonize other planets?
  33. Is torture ever justifiable?
  34. Do guns make society safer?
  35. Should there be access to adoption records?
  36. Is affirmative action still needed?
  37. Should unmarried couples have the same rights as married couples?
  38. Should internet access be filtered?
  39. Should all current prescription drugs be made available over the counter?
  40. Do standardized tests have any value?
  41. Is global warming an issue?
  42. Are women treated unequally in the workplace?
  43. Should medical care be rationed?
  44. Do ads/magazines promote an unhealthy standard of beauty?
  45. . Do social media sites makes us feel more alone?
  46. Is it acceptable to get fired over something you said on a social media site?
  47. Do television shows like “16 and Pregnant” encourage teen pregnancy?
  48. Do fraternities promote misogyny?
  49. Is our privacy worth giving up for national security?
  50. Should students be required to take drug tests?
  51. Can money buy happiness?
  52. Have curse words become too commonly used?
  53. Are chemicals in deodorants, soaps, and other hygienic products causing breast cancer?
  54. Should plastic surgery continue being legal?
  55. Should reality television shows have regulations?

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