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How to Effectively Rewrite an Essay Sample You Find Online

Any document that can be found online by a student can also be discovered by a teacher. If students want to turn in a paper that is not their writing, they will need to rewrite it completely. Poor rewriting could result in plagiarism charges, so students must pay attention to each detail of the rewriting process.

Begin at the Paragraph Level

Initially, students should focus on changing the order of the paragraphs. Some paragraphs will have to remain in a certain spot because of the way the argument is constructed. For other paragraphs, the student can switch around the order. This will help to make the outline of the paper appear differently to reader. In addition to switching around paragraphs, students can try adding a new paragraph or deleting one from the paper. This will help make the new paper deviate from the example.

Consider Quotations

If every quotation is exactly like the online version, the teacher might become suspicious. Students can try to find a replacement quotation for the paper from their coursework. They can also shorten the quotation so that it looks more unique.

Go to the Sentence Level

This step should not be done with just a thesaurus. The student must make sure that the words that they replace actually make sense. In general, students should start by switching out verbs, adjectives, adverbs and nouns. They can also switch around the order of the sentence. For example, “the weasels were happy eating lettuce” could be switched to “Eating lettuce, the weasels were happy.” When it is impossible to switch a noun out, students can try replacing it with a pronoun.

Change the Bibliography

Any quotes or data referenced in the paper should have the source listed in the bibliography. If the source is not used in the paper, the student should delete it from the bibliography. To flesh out the bibliography, students can use books from class. They can also do a quick search of the library database and write down bibliography information about books that look like they could be appropriate.

Read Through the Paper

After switching around paragraphs, grammar and sentences, there is always a chance that the paper will no longer make sense. Students must go back through the paper to make sure that it is logical for a reader. Afterward, they should use plagiarism checking software or online coursework writing help to make sure that it will not appear to be plagiarized.

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