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How to Make a Brilliant Concluding Paragraph for a Persuasive Essay

When you’ve worked hard at convincing your reader of your viewpoint, a concluding paragraph is crucial to sealing the deal. Many an argument can be lost because of the final word that was said, so you need to make sure your reader is left with no doubt when he or she gets to the end.

While many students think that a persuasive essay is solely a laying down of the facts and evidence, there is also an element of being convincing in the writing itself. In the same way an attorney makes a closing statement at the end of a trial, so you too must consecrate the facts for your reader in approximately 50 words. Here’s how this can be done.

Reminding your reader of pertinent evidence

It’s a must to refresh your reader of your most convincing facts. These can easily be forgotten when being replaced by latter knowledge, but if you remind your reader, he or she is sure to get a convincing overview of everything that’s been said.

Re-write your statement

At the beginning of your essay, you must have had a statement posed to the reader whereby your argument was presented. Include this statement again into your concluding paragraph. Write it in different words to the former and ask yourself if it’s more convincing than the first time you mentioned it. If it is, you can be sure you’ve done a good job at convincing the reader via your essay’s main content.

Leave your best evidence for the conclusion

It can be a risky strategy, but one that will pay off if done correctly. Often a compelling statistic or a body of evidence that is non-debatable should be used near the beginning of your essay. If you have something that can be separated from the main facts, but still push the same argument, consider using it at the end. This will round off your argument in a huge way and leave your reader absolutely fully convinced of your viewpoint.

How to add some inspiration

A factor that is often neglected in writing is the rule of leaving your brain to digest information. Before starting your concluding paragraph, take a decent break. You’ll be surprised how much additional information will come to you if you do. Then, go and sit somewhere other than your desk to write the draft of your concluding paragraph. The change of scenery will do wonders for your style and conviction.

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