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The Top 17 Most Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essays are some of the most exciting and interesting academic papers to write about. Essentially, you will be taking two different topics and learning more about them, so as to inform the reader of any similarities and differences that may exist between the two.

Whilst many other academic papers will focus largely on one particular topic, the fact that a compare and contrast paper focuses on at least two different topics allows you to be quite creative and imaginative with your writing style, hence why it is so exciting and interesting.

Choosing the topics to write about

Generally, the topics that you wish to discuss will be related to a similar theme; for example, you may choose a theme such as vehicles, with an example of two related topics therefore been cars and motorbikes. As a result, it is a good idea to first think of a particular theme that you may wish to discuss. In order to do this, you may decide to think about any things that you are particularly interested in or knowledgeable about.

Once you have a general theme that you wish to base your work on, you will then need to pick two topics related to the theme. It can be a good idea to make a list of any relevant topics, rather than picking the first two that you can think of. For example, going back to the idea of writing a paper about vehicles, you may write down a list that included cars, motorbikes, boats, trains, buses and a variety of other vehicles. You can then narrow down two topics that you would like to write about.

To give you some further ideas, the following is a list of 17 interesting topics for compare and contrast essays.

  1. Compare and contrast volcanoes and earthquakes
  2. Compare and contrast soccer and tennis
  3. Compare and contrast acting and singing
  4. Compare and contrast blue collar and white collar crime
  5. Compare and contrast the American Mafia and the Italian Mafia
  6. Compare and contrast reggae and ska music
  7. Compare and contrast beach holidays and winter holidays
  8. Compare and contrast the senses of sight and hearing
  9. Compare and contrast night and day
  10. Compare and contrast black and white
  11. Compare and contrast laptops and desktops
  12. Compare and contrast Hitler and Stalin
  13. Compare and contrast biology and chemistry
  14. Compare and contrast American and British politics
  15. Compare and contrast communism and fascism
  16. Compare and contrast left and right
  17. Compare and contrast houses and trailers

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