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Top 27 Excellent Ideas For Argumentative Essay Topics

When you are creating an argumentative essay, the first step is to pick a suitable topic. You should check some matters so as to be able to choose the most adequate for your article. In this post, we show you some excellent ideas for this assignment.

  1. Do you think that high school exam models should be published for the students?
  2. Do you agree with your teachers grades in your study centre?
  3. How to prevent cheating in official exams: about the new technologies.
  4. Do you think that QI tests effectively measure your mental skills?
  5. Is the current school schedule more efficient nowadays than in the past?
  6. Dealing with bullying and cyberbullying at schools nowadays: social network misuse repercussions.
  7. Restricting website use in high schools: is it really effective?
  8. How to avoid being distracted by our latest gadgets when you need to focus.
  9. Effective advice on how to study at home without getting distracted.
  10. How to prevent yourself from spending too much time playing video games.
  11. How much have social networks changed our perception of communication.
  12. Do you think that your teachers make good use of the latest technologies?
  13. The need of equality between the rights of women and men in our society.
  14. Do you believe that grafitti should considered urban art nowadays?
  15. The need for artistic representations in our life and their meaning.
  16. Why are girls too pressured by society standards regarding body fitness?
  17. The consequences of Photoshop in pictures of famous people: do they send the wrong message to teenagers?
  18. The reasons behind the lack of women in leadership roles at this current moment.
  19. How to get ready to manage your own “kick-starter” project: become a businessman.
  20. Useful advice on how to design a project supported by crowdfunding.
  21. Create your own online company by using the eBay advantages for enterprises.
  22. Do you think that teenagers are under too much pressure at high schools?
  23. Figure out the local problems which your town hall should get solved as soon as possible.
  24. The reasons why rich people should pay more taxes.
  25. Do you think that they should regulate the use of guns more strictly?
  26. How to deal with smoking issues for teenagers in our country.
  27. The pros and cons of legalising marijuana.

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