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5 Secrets For Writing A Great Definition Essay On Love

Love is considered the strongest and yet the most mysterious of all emotions. From time immemorial men has tried to decipher its workings in vain. Love or rather complications that have arisen from love have serves as the catalyst behind many wars fought by men. The Trojan War may have never happened had not Helena fallen in love with Paris the Trojan prince. But can we really define what love is? It is feelings we all have felt for someone or the other and yet we can never comprehend what exactly it is. As we write on Love, it is difficult to estimate where to start from and where to end.

But when you are writing an essay defining love it is essential to understand love to produce a quality article. We provide you here with five fail-proof secrets that are keys to writing a great definition essay on love.

  • Be open-minded: Your vision should not be clouded or biased towards only a limited few ideas of love. Understand love as a feeling you feel for anyone and everyone and not just as a lover. The loves shared by the mother and child, by siblings, among friends, for your pets and between lovers may be significantly different from each other but at the end of the day, they are all forms of love. So keep them in consideration.
  • Be happy: If you are at peace in your own mind, you will be able to understand the gravity of the positive feelings. Your own sense of being loved will be reflected as you write and this personalization is unavoidable for a writer however skilled he or she is.
  • Reflect upon the pains of life: the person, who is familiar with the sufferings of life, can actually truly comprehend the beauty of love. Embrace the darker sides of life rather than running away from your demons if you want to understand the depth of love.
  • Be in love: Live the moments in love. There is nothing more fruitful than the first-hand experience of being actually in love. Unless you have fallen in love yourself it is near impossible to comprehend all the “silly stuffs” you see couples around you indulging in. Only when you are ion love can you actually define that silliness.
  • Lastly, accept love as an indefinable emotion: Yes, this is necessary. Just think, if you actually could have unraveled all the mysteries of love, would you find it as interesting anymore?

We can all attempt to define love and enjoy the search for that definition, but it is the quest that is the true finding and not the definition itself. Follow your heart or my guidelines for writing a great definition of love, it’s your own ability to love that counts at the end.

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