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20 Perfect Topics for a Process Essay

While writing a process essay you should have an outline ready, so that you write all the steps in the process in chronological order. Remember to add descriptions of uncommon or technical terms. You are teaching a process to the uninitiated so warnings and cautions will come in handy. Name and explain the tools or materials required clearly. At the end of your essay you must give, the reader clears guidelines for determining if they have successfully completed the process.

While selecting a topic, choose something that is familiar to you. Being acquainted with the process gives your writing an air of authority. The topic should be about a process that someone would want to perform, it should be easy to follow, and should lead to rewarding results. Here are 20 topics that can lead to great process essays:

  1. How to shed pounds without shedding your skin.
  2. How to choose a college major.
  3. How to find the perfect date.
  4. How to cook perfectly soft and creamy scrambled eggs.
  5. How to toilet train your dog.
  6. The perfect nightly regime for glowing skin.
  7. How to make a basic soap.
  8. How to lose tummy flab/love handles.
  9. How to make a weekly schedule.
  10. How to learn a new habit (or kick an old one).
  11. How to keep peace with a roommate/spouse/live-in partner.
  12. How to make a cheesecake.
  13. How to survive a financial crisis.
  14. How to write an essay.
  15. How to keep your desk/room organized.
  16. How to find your passion/career path.
  17. How to manage time.
  18. How to end a relationship.
  19. How to make paper flowers.
  20. How to grow roses on your window ledge.

While writing a process essay on any topic, concentrate on making your steps as easy to follow as possible. The most complex process in the world is to express your ideas in simple terms. Try to keep your steps and sentences short and precise. The process should naturally flow in the direction of completion. Make sure that your reader does not have to loop back to a previous step at any point. You can add examples and descriptions to make things more understandable. Beware of falling into jargon and difficult language. The more straightforward and concise your steps are, the better your essay and your grade will be.

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