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Crafting a Perfect Paragraph: Learning the Format


The structure of an essay plays a pivotal role in the overall outcome of an essay or any piece of writing. Any essay or a piece of writing is composed of different sections and the next smaller part of these sections is a paragraph. Proper structuring and formatting of a paragraph is extremely important. It will impact the over structuring, look and feel of your essay. So make sure that you follow all the standards and guidelines for writing a good paragraph. A paragraph at different sections of a piece of writing has different requirements. It will be different for an introduction, something else for a body paragraph and totally difficult requirements and structure when it is for a conclusion of any writing. The start and ending of a paragraph are also very critical considerations.

Steps to craft a perfect paragraph:

The following is a list of some of the steps required to craft a perfect paragraph for any piece of writing:

  • The first step is to decide that what is the main topic of your paragraph or which idea you want to describe in a particular paragraph. Then all the collection of sentences should address that particular idea. A single paragraph should essentially have just one idea in it.
  • The next step is to think about the first sentence. The first sentence is very critical as it is the one which grabs the attention of the reader. Make sure that your paragraph has a logical flow and the start of your paragraph should have some sort of link with the last paragraph unless it is an introduction paragraph. If you fail to produce any legitimate linkage with the previous paragraph, then it will destroy the image and look of your writing and some definite quality will be missing from it.
  • Once you have developed the idea and you have written the starting sentence, then expand on the idea and include all the relevant information.
  • Make sure that you don’t use any long sentences as they are considered very negatively and destroy your paragraph structure. Break your long ideas into small logical sentences using proper punctuation.
  • There shouldn’t be any filler words or sentences just for the sake of achieving the desired word count. All sentences used should be meaningful with good relevance to the central idea of the paragraph.

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