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List Of Third Grade Persuasive Essay Topics: 20 Fresh Ideas

Coming up with a good topic for your third grade persuasive essay can be a bit hard. Luckily for you, you can choose one directly from this list of twenty great ideas for persuasive essays.

  1. The legal age for getting a job
  2. Should the legal age at which a person can get a job be lowered to 14 years of age?

  3. Parenting lessons as a school subject for teenagers
  4. Should all teenagers be required to take parenting lessons as a subject at school?

  5. School uniforms
  6. Should all students be required to wear school uniforms during school time?

  7. Police using torture
  8. Should the police be permitted to torture convicted criminals to get them to reveal information pertinent to their cases?

  9. Prohibiting the smoking of cigarettes and cigars
  10. Should the smoking of cigarettes and cigars be completely prohibited?

  11. Outlawing abortion completely
  12. Should abortion be completely outlawed?

  13. Students having mobile phones at school
  14. Should students be allowed to use mobile phones during school time?

  15. Giving teenager girls oral contraceptives without parental consent
  16. Should teenager girls be allowed to get oral contraceptives without getting their parents’ consent?

  17. Preventing convicted criminals from voting in governmental elections
  18. Should convicted criminals be preventing from voting in governmental elections?

  19. Euthanasia for terminally ill people
  20. Should terminally ill people be permitted to choose to end their own lives with the help of a medical professional?

  21. Permitting the sale of junk food at schools
  22. Should junk food be allowed to be sold at schools?

  23. Government funded healthcare
  24. Should the government pay for everyone’s healthcare?

  25. Totally banning the sale and use of alcohol
  26. Should the sale and use of alcohol be totally banned?

  27. Teachers using mobile phones during classes
  28. Should teachers be allowed to use their mobile phones during classes?

  29. Members of the public owning guns
  30. Should members of the public be permitted to own guns?

  31. Reinstating the death penalty for reoffending violent criminals
  32. Should the death penalty be reinstated for criminals who have been repeatedly convicted of violent crimes?

  33. Children and teenagers playing violent video games
  34. Should children and teenagers be allowed to play violent video games?

  35. Taxing junk food sales
  36. Should junk food sales be taxed in the same way cigarette sales are taxed?

  37. Government funded tertiary education
  38. Should the government pay for tertiary education?

  39. Increasing the legal drinking age
  40. Should the legal drinking age be increased?

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