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The art of persuasion is a powerful tool that allows the persuader to encourage or enforce a specific response from their reader. In order to touch a reader through a persuasive essay, you have to use adjectives as well as examples that evoke a particular emotion leading to a response that touches the reader. It is important to follow certain guidelines or steps to ensure that you are writing with the greatest level of persuasion possible to touch your reader. The following steps should be considered when writing your persuasive essay:


  • Make your topic something you are passionate and comfortable with discussing.
  • Consider various viewpoints on the subject and how readers may respond.
  • Choose a point of view you want to write from and have plenty of examples.


  • Your Introduction should include a tagline or engaging phrase that catches your reader’s attention (also known as a “hook”).
  • The body of your paragraphs need to include descriptive imagery that insights a reader’s visual senses to allow them to “feel” the emotion you are representing.
  • Your conclusion should leave the reader feeling as passionate as you do about your particular subject.

Call to Action

  • Provide details on how your reader can get involved to do something about the issue/argument you have made.
  • Give supporting documentation that assists in making your point.
  • Be sure to highlight key factors that lead to your stance and the changes/actions you have taken.

It is important to write a persuasive essay in such a way that the reader can identify and empathize with the cause. The best way to tell whether a reader is touched by your words is if they feel compelled enough to get involved or do something about the issue. You have to make sure you utilize transitional sentences from one paragraph to the next to so that your ideas are cohesive and well thought out. Always leave room for counterarguments and allow the reader an opportunity to see that you have considered all aspects of the argument. Persuasive writing requires research that proves to your reader that you were diligent enough to take your time with the subject matter and also shows that you care. Making your reader feel how much you care will inspire them to care as well.

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