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Prompts for freshmen: how to write academic essays

One of the most common assignments that you will ever come across is of writing the academic essay. The essay is a reflection of how much you know about a specific material related to your course or any material.

Academic essay writing requires a specific pattern, which is the subject of interest, then researching thoroughly, analyzing the material, and then using your writing skills to have the desired academic essay.

Here are five steps that you can find useful

  1. Make sure to analyze your prompt
  2. In this part of the essay, you have to define your purpose. Understand your essay type so you can easily fulfill its requirement. It can be either an explanation of a concept, a compare and contrast essay and even an argumentative.

  3. Gather the information through research or reading
  4. You can gather your information through interview, survey, questionnaire, and even conducting an experiment through questionnaires. This research would be called as a primary research. This type of research is a collection of data, which is not present yet to the outer audience. The secondary type is through reading, this is because you select a specific book or article with regard to your topic. This will help build your argument

  5. Take notes of from where you have gotten the information
  6. It is necessary to acknowledge the sources from which you got the information. This helps the reader in differentiating where the source of information ends and the writer’s point of view begins.

  7. Keep your thesis in mind
  8. This is the most important part of your essay since here is where you present your central idea, which is called a thesis. This thesis takes control of the entire essay. All the points that you will have will be created from it

  9. Organize all the material that you have collected
  10. If you want your essay to be good then keep it organized. This will help the reader in making sense out of what you have written.

  11. Write a draft for your essay
  12. Make use of your outline and start writing a draft. Present all your thoughts on the paper. It does not have to be perfect so doing worry about mistakes.

  13. The go through it once again for the sake of revising it.
  14. In the end, edit and proof read your paper wherever necessary. This will be the final step for you to complete your academic essay

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