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How To Write An Opinion Essay About Summer Jobs: Helpful Hints

While many types of academic writing require a very unbiased report on a particular topic, the opinion essay diverges from this trend by asking that you say exactly what you think. There is no need to use the thoughts of great masters in the field unless they happen to support the points that you want to make. I the assignment in question revolves around summer jobs, here are some hints to help you get it done:

If at all possible, gain experience first hand

It is hard to write on your perspective about things that you have never done. Find employment at that time of year that reflects the theme of your assignment.

Make notes about the process

All the while that you are working you should be taking notes about what you are going through. Were the bosses fair? Were the customers or coworkers polite? The questions you ask will vary depending on your position but they give great ammunition for when the essay starts to take shape.

If firsthand information is not available, ask others

Sometimes, for one reason or another, first hand experience just is not an option. In such cases it helps to know someone else who has worked over the summer. If you trust them, what they say can form the basis of the opinion on which you will compose the paper.

Fit your notes into the format

No matter if the notes come from your experience or someone else’s you will need to make them look more like an essay. Organize everything into parts so that you start to see an introduction, body and conclusion. Based on previous reading you can make this resembled the batter samples you have encountered.

Do some editing and proofreading

The version of your paper that exists by this point is close to completion but not quite there. Look it over carefully for style errors and grammatical ones. Even a very good student can sometimes make an error or two and spell check cannot catch everything.

Ask for a second opinion

By this point the essay is finished. Unfortunately, it may not be its best just yet. Ask someone else what they think of it and accept their suggestions if they make sense.

When you’ve finished going through all of those steps, all you have left to do is submit. Chances are you’ll do quite well.

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