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Top 20 Argumentative Essay Topics About Social Media

In recent years, the rise of social media has dominated the Internet. In fact, social media companies are now some of the biggest and most valuable businesses in the world. Furthermore, the influence that social media companies have had on all aspects of daily life, including social extra interactions, marketing, business relations, and a wide range of other things means that social media is a great topic for an argumentative essay. In fact, the list below outlines 20 possible essay topics that you may wish to consider when writing an argumentative essay on social media.

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  1. Facebook is more useful than Twitter when it comes to learning about the news
  2. All companies should use at least one form of social media
  3. Social media is responsible for the dumbing down of standards within society
  4. Social media is more responsible than anything else for the spread of false information that leads to discrimination within society
  5. Social media has had a hugely negative impact on the quality of spelling and grammar used by young people
  6. Most individuals and companies can make much better of social media, but do not do so because they do not understand how to use it properly
  7. Social media is one of the most important forms of communication for people living under oppressive regimes
  8. Social media should not be censored in any way
  9. The government should introduce laws to ensure that more can be done to censor both content and individuals on social media, particularly in cases that incite any form of discrimination, or involve cyber bulling
  10. Young people should not be friends with their parents on Facebook
  11. Social media is one of the worst things to happen to the world in years
  12. Social media is slowly turning the population into a narcissistic group of individuals
  13. People’s lives would be greatly improved without social media
  14. Social media is the best way of organising mass events
  15. More old people should use social media
  16. Social media has given consumers a bettersay when it comes to any negative issues that they may have with companies
  17. Company reviews should be banned on social media
  18. Social media companies exploit their users
  19. Social media is a drain on the creativity of young people
  20. Social media encourages people to argue without knowing any or all of the facts

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