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How to write a self-introductory essay - productive hints

Well as the title suggests, a self-introductory essay is you introducing yourself to the reader. In most cases with a student a self-introductory essay is in fact an application to be accepted by a particular college or university. It is, for want of a better expression, your pitch for a place. You want to be accepted by a particular educational institution and they have more applicants than places and so decide who they will invite to enrol by asking them to write an essay about themselves.

That all sounds pretty simple but the reality is anything but. You see in some cases some colleges have far too many students wanting to be accepted than they have places to offer. So always there will be competition and for some colleges very stiff competition. The key to you being successful is the writing of this self-introductory essay. Mind you it also helps if you've had really good grades in high school and have been involved in a wide variety of activities.

What to include in your self-introductory essay

  • Interesting writing as in an interesting story.
  • The whole truth about your life.
  • The ways in which you can benefit the college.
  • A perfect presentation of an interesting essay.

You need to understand that somebody will be reading your self-introductory essay. And that same person may be reading dozens if not hundreds of this type of essay. They don't want the same dreary old form of prose. Think of your essay as a story. You want to grab the attention of the reader, hold their attention and have them wanting to read to find out what happens at the very end.

It will pay you to write about your failures as much as your success. If you have tried a particular activity and not been successful or not done so well in a particular exam, it can be to your benefit to actually talk about this and explain why you had the trouble you had. This shows you to be a truthful person and also to be quite human. This could appeal to many a college.

If you know a lot about the college you wish to enter, you can structure your introductory essay to explain how you will benefit the college. The type of skills and experiences you have are those which will work really well in this particular college.

It should go without saying but it must be said. Whatever else you do, submit an essay which is flawless as far as spelling and grammar is concerned. Go over your essay again and again to edit, polish and remove any and every mistake.

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