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Writing Made Simple: Words To Make Your Essay Better

Words are the way to craft the arguments and make any intricate topic expressive. The usage of words can deteriorate the quality of your essay or make it shine. They can make any composition dazzling focusing on the precision.

All those who practice the art of writing usually tend to follow the same writing format as have been appreciated by the teachers in the past. To take your writing to the next level, following consistent tips and tricks can do wonders

  • Go through as many essays as you can: You can share your articles with your colleagues and read theirs. A group study is highly helpful. This practice will keep you engrossed in making your piece interesting and adding a variety. Be critical and discuss the points you like or unlike about the topic. You can also go through the newspaper to stay up-to-date.
  • Use new vocabulary words: This step will be able to express your thoughts concisely. Use short sentences and do not exaggerate the points as the readers have short attention span. Do not ramble the points but be to the point.
  • Subscribe to an email that sends new words everyday to your email. Have a collection of all these words at one place.
  • Go through dictionary words: Going through the various genres of fiction a non- fiction words will widen your horizon.
  • Use thesaurus: This will add variety.
  • Buy a vocabulary book: Check the usage of words. Buy the book regarding the subject you are supposed to write on to reduce the waffle and increase the precision.

Do not use repetitive words: Make a sensible argument. For example, instead of using the same word moreover again and again, use, furthermore, however etc.

Use elevator pitch: Use a short and snappy summary and try to convey the right message to the reader. Such pitches sell the idea and compel the reader to go through your entire writing. Hence concise your thinking and be selective regarding the choice of words to achieve the clarity.

Use quotations and opinions from original resources: It will make your essay further impressive. Do not use too much of quotations. Otherwise your own opinions will be hidden behind their quotes. If you disagree with the quotations of some person, provide evidences and reasoning, it will look well thought. If you can reveal your strong critical reasoning too, it will act as a hallmark.

Furthermore, focus on the syntax and the tone of your voice apart from keeping your thoughts interesting and honest.


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