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Digital Media

The presence of media in any form has always known to be glorified and glamorized our lives. In this era of technology media means a lot to the lives of people. The word literally means communication or the mode used to deliver or convey through a medium any particular news or information. And it has become an indispensable part of our daily lives in this digital era. Media can be categorized broadly into many categories but today we will be discussing in this article about the digital media.

If we go by definition, then Digital media can be defined as any form of media that delivers any form of communication to its audiences through a digitally enabled machine encoded and in a readable format. These days, almost every media has been converted into digital media which happened because of the digital media revolution. In this era of technology, the digital has an added advantage as it can be stored, heard, viewed and can be made with the help of computers which are in turn also a form of digital media or communication. Other forms of media such as printing and publishing, etc. has seen a downfall in their demand. The entertainment industry and the print media sector has been affected the most with the emerge and revolution of digital media as all the contents are today readily available on computers with the help of digital media which in turn makes other media industries to incur heavy losses.

The biggest example of digital revolution or the power of digital media is reflected by the fact that, the news channel and news delivering mode has gone online and digital. Each and every news channel today publishes their online or e- newspaper before printing out the paper based newspapers. We, the human beings are increasingly growing dependent on digital media. But, the strongest form of digital media is the social media and it has drastically changed the face of media and has had an impressive and surprising impact on our society and culture all over the world. People today make all sorts of announcements, express themselves , conduct even various professional activities over the social and various professional digital media platforms.

From election results, political news, social events to personal events are declared and covered by the social media. Though Digital media has revolutionized and changed the total idea and face of overall media, it poses a serious risks and challenges at the same time the copyright laws and issues as today any sort of content is readily available for download over the digital media from examination papers to music to photos and videos. This has caused some of the digital media organizations like Netflix, amazon to acquire various licenses to conduct their business activities over the digital /online media platforms.

Every single thing in this world has its own pros and cons so has the digital media. And as a responsible human beings it is our sole responsibility to use this technological boon named the digital media to our utmost benefit.

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