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List of Great Topics for Descriptive Essays

The hint of how to write a descriptive essay is hidden in its name. To cope with the task, you just need to describe an event, person, place, object, or emotion as vividly as possible so it is not complicated as an investigative essay. The main difficulty lies within choosing the best topic that will make the reader see the image drawn by your words. Descriptive essay topics sometimes lack originality, but do not be afraid to choose one of them, because it is possible that the image evoked in your mind is unique and interesting to read about. When writing descriptive essays, you are supposed to address different senses of the reader, dwell on how a certain place or object looked or smelt like, what sounds it involved, and what you felt when you touched or tasted something.

Here is a set of topics that can inspire you to write a perfect essay. It is organized according to the object of description:


  1. The house of my dream.
  2. The best place to relax.
  3. The view from my window.
  4. The most frightening place.

In these essays, concentrate on strong visual stimuli to make the reader imagine the place the way you see it. You should include factual information about the place (age, size, color, or material), as well as details that relate to the senses to make the reader feel the atmosphere.


  1. A beautiful dawn.
  2. The longest traffic jam.
  3. A surprise party.
  4. The night that changed me.
  5. My first memory.

Use different narrative techniques to set the scene and describe the atmosphere. The past continuous tense is usually employed to introduce the scene of the story.

Person or animal:

  1. My first teacher.
  2. The animal that frightens me the most.
  3. My favorite movie character.
  4. The most eccentric person I have ever met.

Here, you should write about physical appearance, personality and behavior, lifestyle, and beliefs of the living being you are asked to describe.


  1. My favorite childhood toy.
  2. My favorite painting.
  3. My mother’s signature dish.

Give accurate information about the size and weight, shape, color, origin, and material of the object you choose to describe. Do not forget to write about the emotions you feel when you see it.


  1. The day I learned to hate.
  2. The most embarrassing thing I have ever done.
  3. 10 things I dislike about my boyfriend/girlfriend.

Emotions are usually related to some places, people, or events; so this type of descriptive essay resembles the ones given above. However, the difference is that it focuses on the way you felt.

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