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A List Of Debatable Essay Questions On To Kill A Mockingbird

This piece of literature is a renowned classic in America. Many high school students study this work and must write essays about it. In order to get a debatable question, you must find a statement about the characters or setting that people could either agree or disagree on, given the facts and perceptions the story creates.

Here are some debatable questions for you to think about

  1. Atticus had a great relationship with his children and was successful in imparting wisdom and conscience to them.
  2. The town of Maycomb is an uplifting place to live and raise a family.
  3. The characters of Calpurina and Tom Robinson are about as realistic as they can get.
  4. Boo Radley is the only innocent person in this book.
  5. This novel is mostly about contention between children and adults.
  6. The four classes of people in Maycomb County are a representation of the four classes of people in any normal American town.
  7. Bob Ewell was not capable of injuring Scout or Jem.
  8. Jem’s broken elbow was not a significant element of the narration.
  9. Lee’s presentation of the American family is non-typical.
  10. Atticus doesn’t rightfully deserve the respect he gets from town members.
  11. Scout’s personality is unflawed; she would never harm a weak person.
  12. Calpurnia is the moral center of this story.
  13. Boo Radley’s character is not central to the more important part of the story: the trial.

Creating your essay

In order for you to be effective in writing your argument paper , you must be sure to include elements that will persuade the reader to agree with your perspective. In order to do this, you must take a little time to plan ahead and prepare for what you’re going to write before you just jump right in.

Consider both sides of the topic you’ve selected. You should feel strongly about one side; that’s the one you’ll want to defend. However, you must also be prepared to present the opposing side as well, so you can show how or why it’s weaker. Doing this will help you to look like an expert and be more believable for the side you’re defending.

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