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How To Come Up With A Great Science Vs Religion Essay Topic

There has been a conflict between religion and science. Since the old ages religion made a huge impact on the lifestyle of civilizations worldwide simply because religion is something that is spiritual that has a connection with feelings and believing not something that it can be saw or touched with bare hands also don’t forget the fact that it was used to promote personal matters from the ancient time especially before the birth of Christ like the Egyptians they were well known for telling people that the gods must be praised and given gifts so he will happy and eventually give them what they demand and this had a relationship between the way of thinking and the lifestyle which is they must make their god happy unless they will be punished in a horrifying way but at the end every things goes to the temples and to the Pharaoh who will become even richer and among with others who will benefit from all of this.

But then mankind become even smarter capable of inventing understanding it’s surroundings so from that point in the history the war between science and religion began as I said before the priests answered peoples questions about the earth the sun the air everything and they answered like this the god said that this thing works in a certain way and to conclude they say god must be praised, for this reason: so just people can not develop an intelligence and be captivated in the cell of monotony and praising the temples.

But then the rebellious great minds made their appearance and started to make their own hypothesis to understand in their own way like Réne Descartes said: « I think therefore I am » because when one thinks and wonder so he can define himself, It is not just Descartes who was rebellious against the church and the political system in that time but numerous number of people who were creative minds and wanted to open debates on ‘Taboos’ because until this day every thing taboo is something that science and religion don’t seem to go along together with, which in this case will make them mortal enemies. Just to summarize topics about science and religion are numerous just with the advancing technology that the world is seeing before his eyes will make debates about these subjects go wild and each person will have a lot to talk about just one thing a great knowledge in both fields is a requirement so the argument’s topic can be based on a firm structure.

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