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A List of Debatable Ethical Argument Essay Topics for College

An essay topic for college for an ethical argument paper can be anything related to your interests. In many cases you want your topic to be something you can prove with typical evidence. When thinking about a debatable topic, think about something that has two sides you can support fairly. Another choice can be to pay for thesis online to avoid writing struggles. The argument should have information that supports opinions and views from either side. Because there are so many ideas to consider, the following is list is something that can help you develop your own essay topic for your assignment.

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  1. Breast cancer and potential causes from deodorant products and soaps. An essay can look into the debate of whether this aspect is true and why such products continue to be available on the market if they indeed cause cancer.
  2. Adoption. An essay can explore whether people find it okay for a couple to adopt a child of different ethnic background. A paper can be written about whether people think the adoption process takes too long and what can be changed about it.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry. Many people feel this industry is so corrupt. Are medical drugs really helping people or are they making people die far more than what is being believed?
  4. Plastic surgery. An essay can explore reasons why people think plastic surgery is unnecessary. Even if you have the money to get it is it ethical to change someone’s appearance knowing there are risks?
  5. Cloning. An essay can explore reasons why people may or may not like the idea. Does cloning offer new hope or are we just asking for a genetic disaster?
  6. The death penalty. Why it is okay for the government and correctional facilities to take someone’s life but a citizen is not? Why should a person die for a crime instead of being locked up for life?
  7. Abortion. Why is this issue a continued problem in modern society? An essay can explore reasons why people continue to be for or against it. Should a teenage have the right to choose abortion without parental consent?
  8. Animal rights. Where are areas in animal rights that need continued awareness? Are people fighting hard enough for animals and their rights?
  9. Education. Is homeschooling a better option than public schooling? Are kids safer in schools now than in the past?
  10. Politics. Should be people get in trouble if they don’t vote on Election Day?

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