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How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay: 5 Brilliant Suggestions

Many students have some difficulties with writing rhetorical analysis essays because they don’t really understand how to go about creating this kind of paper. The following tips will help you with this.

  1. Start with an introduction.
  2. In this section of the essay, you need to describe the subject of the analysis. You also need to outline your most important arguments. However, remember not to give out too much information. An introduction is your chance to interest the reader. If you include too many important facts into it, there will be no point for people to continue reading.

  3. Identify the subjects you will analyze.
  4. You need to describe the subject of your analysis in detail and provide all the most relevant information regarding it. This is necessary to allow your audience to get a good idea of what exactly you want to analyze. To do this, you need to assess the subject, for example text, from different angles and identify its tone, purpose, value, goals, audience, etc.

  5. Analyze the text considering ethos, logos, and pathos.
  6. Ethos, logos, and pathos are the three aspects of rhetorical classification:

    • Ethos assesses the writer’s credibility.
    • When you analyze this aspect of the text, you have to consider all the evidence used in it and verify it through various sources. In the end, you must present a logical conclusion as to whether this evidence is sufficient.

    • Logos deals with logic.
    • To evaluate the text from the point of view of logos, you have to analyze every argument and determine whether it is indeed logical and complemented with enough solid facts to support it.

    • Pathos refers to emotions.
    • You have to assess the emotional aspects of the text. Be sure to evaluate the “power” of both, the emotions described in the text, and the ones that the subject of your analysis has to invoke in the readers.

    When you are finished with analyzing these things separately, you have to determine which method the writer uses most in order to persuade his or her readers. Explain why you believe the author chose this approach and whether it really is the most effective way in this situation.

Note that you also need to analyze the style of the text. To do this, you will need to consider:

  • Analogies
  • Imagery
  • Repetition
  • Word choice

How does the author use the aforementioned tools to make a stronger impression on the audience? Offer your opinion about their efficiency.

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