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Selecting Interesting Essay Topics About My Best Childhood Friend

It is said that a friend is he who comes to meet you daily in jail; the best friend is he who sits with you in the cell and says, “We screwed it Man”. You may make many friends in your life but not all of them are extremely close to your heart.

Types of friends

With some friends, there is just a platonic acquaintance; some go beyond the pleasantries while with some you like to share your happy days. It is however only with your best friend that you share your deep thoughts; your privy plans and your saddest days.

An essay on best pal

Writing an essay on your best friend ought to come naturally. It should be almost as natural as the relation between you; tacit but compact. A relation where words are tertiary; there is an innate link between your thoughts that do not require words.

Loving and criticizing

Best friend is also one who does not flatter you or unnecessarily sides with you even when you are in the wrong. He shows you the light and the right. Of course, the premise is mutual. Your essay automatically can veer into too many dimensions, depending on your age and state.

Be unprejudiced

You should be impartial while writing the essay on your best friend but this does not mean that you should not eulogize him. This means that you should state the facts plainly; address his courage and conviction where you feel them; touch upon his weakness where you discern them.

Touching your core

It is true that even best friends can act in an irksome way at times. He will however touch your inner core with greater capacity than even your family members. This tends to happen with many people. You can also make this attribute a beacon to your essays.

Here are 10 intriguing essay topics about my best childhood friend –

  1. The funniest prank that I played on my friend
  2. The adventure we had on Miami Beach
  3. The things I like about my best childhood friend
  4. What if my best friend were a treasure cave
  5. How I like spending my time with my bosom buddy
  6. The two best attributes that I have absorbed from my friend
  7. If he were not my best friend – The antics he sometimes tries
  8. The first train journey that I shared with my best friend
  9. How my best friend’s wit saved the day for our group
  10. How my best friend keeps getting out of the mess he creates for himself

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