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Useful Suggestions for Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

Five paragraphs essays are actually a fantastic way to master the essay form down pat and forever. You will never again wonder about how to write an essay if you learn this simple , short essay form.

In fact, as an English professor, five paragraphs are my favorite way of all to teach writing essays well.

An essay containing 5 paragraphs has all the elements of a formal essay it is just condensed into five paragraphs. You can apply all the same rules to a longer essay, you will just have more evidence paragraphs in a 5 paragraph essay.

Elements of the Five Paragraph Essay

There are four crucial elements to a five paragraph essay that you MUST have. These are an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement at the end of it, three body evidence paragraphs, and a conclusion. That is all. Let me explain each one briefly.

The Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph of your essay is the place to get your reader’s attention and get them to care about your topic. Let’s say you were writing an essay on the benefits of exercise. You’ll want to get your reader’s attention about your topic in the first few sentences. You might mention recent statistics on the dangers of not exercising, for example – how a lack of physical exercise can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease for example. You could focus your essay on ways exercise reduces risk of these ailments, or you could focus your essay on how a lack of exercise can lead to all three of these problems.

Let’s say we’re focusing on three major benefits of exercise. You’ll need a thesis statement right as the last sentence of paragraph one which says, “In this essay, I will discuss three major ways that exercise benefits our physical health and prevents risk of developing major medical problems.

Body Paragraphs

Here you will provide three examples of the benefits of exercise—one in each paragraph of the essay. For example, in paragraph one, you could discuss how exercise can keep our weight in check. In paragraph two, how exercise can help our cardiovascular system, and in the third, how exercise can prevent disease and death.

The Conclusion

Here you’ll want to bring the essay to a close by moving back and saying something important and slightly dramatic that keeps your reader caring about this topic.

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