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What Are the Long Term Health Effects of Working at a Help Desk and How Can They Be Avoided

Most people today have sitting jobs. For instance, they spend hours working at a help desk. Some employees do like these types of jobs, but they hardly consider the health effects of working in these situations. Prolonged sitting can cause a variety of health problems; the entire body can become damaged. It may seem like an overstatement, but the story below shows that it is time to start doing something to prevent the risks right now.

Troubles in the upper parts of your body often include a foggy brain, problems with the neck, and pain in the back or shoulders. When you sit, fresh blood cannot reach the brain in correct amounts. Therefore the right amounts of oxygen, nutrition, and free radicals do not stay in the organ for a long time; leading to releases of mood-enhancing chemicals that cause slower brain function. People also move their heads to look at the keyboard and screen. As a result, the cervical vertebrae alignment becomes unnatural, and the neck and upper back may hurt by the end of the day.

A bad back is a common problem for millions of white collar workers. The soft discs between their vertebrae do not get enough fresh blood and nutrients. They become unevenly squashed and can be damaged. Sitting jobs increase the risks of organ diseases; especially cardiovascular disease, pancreas disease, and colon cancer. Blood circulation disorder leads to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol level, and increased insulin level. Therefore, office workers have higher chances of getting diabetes, heart attacks, and colon or breast cancer. The nature of cancer development is still unknown, but studies show high correlations between prolonged sitting and higher risks.

The list of the health effects can be discussed further, but the more important question is how the effects mentioned above can be avoided. Everyone can do two simple things: sit the right way and exercise frequently. It is recommended to sit straight, relax the shoulders, keep the arms close to your sides, get support for the lower back, and put the feet flat on the floor. The more people move, the more oxygen and nutrients their organs receive. This allows them to stay healthy. White collars should walk during their breaks, stand up every half hour, and take at least several steps. Exercising also helps them keep fit and stay in good moods. Morning jogs or evening yoga can also improve the physical conditions of these employees, and make it easier for them to work under great stress.

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