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Brainstorming interesting "Brave new world" essay topics


Brave New World is often a requirement for many students, but finding the right essay topic can be challenging. If you are looking for an essay topic all your own consider the following examples:

  1. Write about how the World State infantilizes their citizens. Consider how Bernard is often criticized for not being infantile enough by the Director.
  2. Write about the relation that exists between men and women in the World State. How do they interact? Who gets power in the workplace? Who has the power in social situations? Who has power in the government?
  3. Write about the parallels between The Tempest, by Shakespeare, and Brave New World.
  4. Write about the manners in which the World State treats its people like a commodity.
  5. Write about the relationship that exists in the World State between political power, science and religion.
  6. Write about the arguments made against freedom by Mustapha Mond. Discuss whether the arguments are valid at all. Write about whether there was any winner in the debate held with John. Integrate whether you think Mond was the antagonist in the book.
  7. Write about how it is undeniable how happy many of the citizens of the World State are, yet some characters such as Bernard or John criticize their life quality. So what is wrong with the society if they still criticize? Focus on the relationship that exists between happiness and truth, and how the society uses soma.
  8. Write about whether John is freer than other members of the World State. Address how he is conditioned in a unique way. You can integrate his base desire for beauty, and the other traits of humanity he represents. You can focus on his love of Shakespeare and how he views tragedy and unhappiness as necessary ingredients for true happiness.
  9. Write about how the castes are distinguished from one another and the purpose of this. Think about whether these castes reflect any aspect of our society or if they are merely hypothetical consequences of the World State. You can integrate Huxley’s overall vision of the utilitarian society, and how it cultivates the greatest amount of happiness for each person because the people enjoy emotional and stable equilibrium through social conditioning and scientific conditioning.
  10. Write about whether you believe Huxley’s blindness had any influence on his views of society or not.

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