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Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics: 15 Examples For College Students

In college, choosing essay topics can be a pain. You have to choose something that not only interests you, but also follows your teacher’s guidelines. Often, it’s harder to stick to something that you don’t care about writing. If you’re in this situation, keep reading to find out some topics you can use and how you can write about each one.

Topics for argumentative essays

  1. Does dieting make people fat over the long term?
  2. People have become too dependent on modern technology
  3. More people should revive the lost art of letter writing
  4. It should be required by law for all citizens to vote
  5. Sometimes censorship is justified
  6. Would it encourage healthy diets if there was a higher tax on junk food and sodas?
  7. Zoos should be shut down because they violate animal rights
  8. Colleges should have a rescue formed for feral cats on campus
  9. Everyone under the age of 21 should have to pass a driver’s ed class before receiving their license
  10. High school students should get financial incentives to do well on tests
  11. Athletes in college should be allowed to forego regular class attendance policy
  12. All high school students should be required to take at minimum, two years of any foreign language
  13. People who drink and drive should serve jail time on the first offense
  14. Schools and workplaces should allow for more holidays and longer vacation time
  15. Cigarettes should be illegal

Those ideas should give you a great starting place for any essay you need a topic for. If you’re confused about what to write, or how to get your project started, you should research about one of these topics. Doing research early on can help you decide what to write, because as you read about it and find out more, you will gravitate toward what you’re interested in. If there’s an aspect of one of these topics that really catches your attention, then that’s what you should be writing! Think about how you can present the topic in a unique way and talk about what you enjoy. Your personal perspective can have a place in an objective argumentative essay because although you won’t talk about opinions so much, you can still choose the stance you take on the issue. Talk with your teacher about possibilities and ideas.

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