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How To Start An Essay About The Food We Eat - General Advice

If you have been assigned a general topic about the food we eat as an essay subject, there are many different ways you can compose the paper to make it unique and interesting. The following is some general advice to help you get started with the introduction.

Beginning an essay about the food we eat

  • Following the general rule of thumb, the beginning of your essay on any subject should be a short introduction on the subject that you are about to discuss with the reader. In this case as well, your paper about the food we eat should be an introduction to the different kinds of food that you will talk about. You can discuss the foods specifically if you have a list of those you will be primarily focusing on in your paper.
  • Points to raise in this section would be to give a short introductory background into the cultivation of our eating habits, which foods have existed in our diets for centuries and which ones are new.
  • Not only should you be giving the reader an introduction of the foods that you will be discussing, but the introductory paragraph should also clearly state the thesis statement of your paper. Your writing should be based on a concrete idea or a theme.
  • Using the thesis statement - the opinion you have, the argument you are trying to prove, etc. - as the opening sentence of the paper is also a good idea. This is a great way of grabbing the attention of the reader and giving your paper a more professional and academic edge.
  • The beginning section of your paper is where you can use personal opinion, your own thoughts on the subject in short and maybe even a small anecdote. All these are interesting ways to get the reader engrossed in your writing and continue to read. The body of the paper is where you will be using facts, logical reasoning and information from references. Hence, the beginning is where you can keep the tone of the paper light and easy to read.

Starting a paper is perhaps one of the toughest parts of the ordeal. You will face a lot of conflicting opinions about how you want to begin this piece of writing. A good idea is to simply begin writing and let your own thoughts take its course. You can always go back and edit it after you’re done!

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