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Argumentative essay topics for college students: suggestions you'll never meet again

An argumentative essay allows you to play both sides of an argument, but end with your point being the strongest. The objective is to convince your readers to follow your argument even though they may disagree. Use these guidelines when choosing your topic:

  • The topic should always contain an argumentative element
  • Logically, your topic should always contain an argument immediately, but be specific about the details by narrowing down those affected within an age group, social group or racial group.

  • Emotional
  • All argumentative topics are emotional. Whether you are emotional about it or you feel the reader could be emotional about it, these essays are naturally emotional. The emotion in a situation is what actually makes for the most interesting arguments. Just remember to use your argument to raise emotions, but don’t allow yourself to be weakened by your own emotion.

  • Controversial
  • Challenge an already conflicted topic. Ensuring that you have done all the research and have sufficient evidence to back up your arguments, you may want to step out and be controversial. Taking something that has never been challenged, or a topic that is seen as simply logical, could raise the eyebrow of your reader and possibly even draw out the emotional response essential to an argumentative essay. Highly controversial topics include politics, sex or even religion.

  • Relevant
  • What’s in the news? Spot something relevant to the current times? When doing this, be sure to make your essay a little different and fresh. Has someone recently been arrested for taking drugs? Argue from the user’s point of view; or simply argue in support of why he should be taken off the streets. Take current events and get ready for an argument!

  • Be assertive
  • If you are going to argue something, best you have your feet cemented to the ground or else you will be the one that is moved to accept the opposing point of view. Be assertive in stating your case by using strong, non-emotional words. Be prepared for all sides so that you don’t flinch when a good argument is thrown back.

  • Research
  • The foundations of the argumentative essays is based in sufficient research done on the topic. Choose a topic you can research heavily. Evaluate your evidence and run through each detail. If you hit a bump where your standpoint could fall short, research some more and cover every angle of weakness your argument may have.

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