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Literature Essay Topics For Middle School Students

What is a literature essay?

A literature essay is a writing that gives a summary and critique of a book or novel.  The literature essay allows the writer to give their personal opinion and personal review of a novel or book they have read.  A literature essay is nothing more than a literary review of a book or novel.

How to write a literature essay?

  • A literature essay is normally written in a paragraph format.
  • The essay normally ranges from three paragraphs to five paragraphs in length.
  • The essay has an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
  • The essay should be written about a book or novel that one has read.
  • The essay should focus on the main theme of the novel or book.
  • The essay should have a thesis statement and state the main scope of the book read.
  • The essay should be organized in a way that the reader can glide through the essay easily.

What is the correct format for a literature essay?

  • The essay should have a good thesis statement on the main theme of the novel.
  • The essay should be no more than three pages long.
  • The literature essay should have an Introduction: include the title of the book, the name of the author, brief biography on the author, and thesis statement.
  • The Introduction should grab the immediate attention of the reader.
  • The Body of the essay should include the following: be at least three paragraphs long, each main point to the argument should have a separate paragraph, include supporting evidence from the book to support one’s perspective, and each paragraph should begin with a sentence stating the topic of it.
  • The Conclusion of the essay should include the following: should wrap-up the essay, ending that makes the essay complete, rephrase the thesis statement of the essay, the main points should be summarized, and convince the reader to either agree with the book review or not.
  • The literature essay should have a catchy title that will grab the reader’s desire to read the essay and the book.

What are some good topics for literature essays by middle school students?

  • Get a topic from the class syllabus.
  • Ask the teacher for a good topic to write about.
  • Pick a topic from a book that one is reading.
  • Pick a topic that is of interest to one on a personal level.
  • A biography of a famous individual is a good topic.
  • Books or novels from a certain historical era are good topics.
  • Books on popular and current events are good topics.

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