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15 Common Essay Topics for Different Subjects

Are you having trouble finding an interesting topic for your essay? Look at the following ideas:

  1. Why are there so many wars in Africa?

    Understanding the reasons that cause wars can help prevent them. Your paper will need to identify these reasons in the regions famous for the highest number of conflicts.

  2. Should airport security officers be allowed to use invasive pat-downs and scans?

    You need to assess the problem of airport security, and determine how these existing invasive measures help enhance it. Is there an alternative that will not require invading people’s privacy?

  3. When does art stop being art?

    In this paper, you will need to express your thoughts on the subject of modern art, and offer some proof to support your arguments. You should also mention how art evolved in the last few decades, and what kind of changes in society it prompted.

  4. Are beauty contests damaging to girls?

    Determine the effects of pageants by studying biographies of several winners. Assess what kind of effects these contests have on ordinary girls.

  5. Should there be anti-bullying laws?

    Study the negative effects bullying has on personality development, and assess how these affect society as a whole. Offer your solutions to the problem of bullying.

  6. Should civil unions be considered equal to marriages?

    Will people marry if given the same privileges in a civil union? How will this affect society? Will families still exist?

  7. Can law-breaking be justified?

    Try to determine whether allowing this provision into the legal system will make the world descend into chaos.

  8. Are exams adequate forms of assessment?

    Offer some statistics and other evidence that prove the exams’ efficiency, or lack thereof. Think of alternative tools that will be able to measure students’ academic progress.

  9. How does the Internet affect children?

    Determine whether children become more sociable, or on the contrary, turn introverted due to using the Internet from a young age.

  10. How can the number of medical malpractice cases be reduced?

    Study medical statistics, and deduce the reasons behind malpractice cases.

  11. Should marijuana be legalized?

    Assess the pros and cons of the issue.

  12. How can noise pollution be reduced?

    Determine how noise pollution affects people’s health, and offer ways to counter this problem.

  13. Why are children used in wars?

    Shed some light onto the problem of using children in armed conflicts, and think of a solution.

  14. Should the procedures of getting a divorce become more complex?

    Will this change in legalities reduce the number of divorces?

  15. Are fast food restaurants responsible for obesity epidemics?

    Determine the true reasons behind this epidemic.

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