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Creative Writing: 15 Original Compare/Contrast Essay Topics

Creative writing is an interesting thing, is it not? It can be informative or narration, grounded or surreal. However, with all these forms, sometimes limitations are necessary. In addition, when you are writing, what is better to write than a compare and contrast essay? For those that go this route, there are many potentially rewarding topics.

  1. Compare and contrast the causes of World War 1 and World War 2. Even though they were both caused by volatile political situations in Europe, they are very different. How?
  2. Alcohol and Cannabis are both highly psychoactive and potentially dangerous substances, yet in many countries, one is legal and one is not. Compare and contrast their effects, and consider why this is the case.
  3. China and America have very different educational system, and they get very different results. Compare and contrast why this is the case.
  4. There are many types of essays, from compare and contrast to things like persuasive essays, expository essays, and narratives. What are the different types of essays, and in what situations is each type most appropriate?
  5. There is a new movement emerging in the arts and storytelling, metamordernism, as opposed to classical post-modernism. Compare and contrast these movements.
  6. In India, there are sizable populations of both Muslims and Hindus, which has some social-political effects. Compare and contrast these populations and explore the consequences.
  7. There are very different methods of parenting, either allowing your child to run free and do whatever they wish, or being strict and controlling their actions. Which of these is more effective? Compare and contrast them.
  8. Many paints can be used in the arts to achieve unique and varied visual effects. Pick two popular media in the arts, compare, and contrast them.
  9. Steven Spielberg is quite the director, and he has progressed a lot as a filmmaker over the past decades. Pick one of his early films and one of his modern films, compare, and contrast them.
  10. Sci-Fi and fantasy are normally lumped together as genres, but fans of the genres do not see them the same at all. What are their similarities? What about their differences?
  11. There is evidence that Asians and Europeans have actually evolved different digestive tracts to some extend due to their diet over a long period. Compare and contrast how people from different regions digest food.
  12. Compare and contrast democracy and communism.
  13. Speaking of communism, the rules of Lenin and Stalin were very different in the USSR- what caused this.
  14. Compare and contrast the start differences between countries that industrialized over time and the countries that must industrialize quickly in the modern era.
  15. During the space race, how were the USA and the USSR approaches towards space different?

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