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Top 16 Expository Essay Topics For High School

Essays have always been the most mandatory thing in your life. You have always been asked to write them on several issues from your childhood. A write-up helps us to gain good knowledge about how to compose something and how to describe it in a perfect way.

You need to have the basic understanding of all the formats of writing so that you don’t mix up when you have been mentioned a specific genre. Here you have been asked to create expository topics so you should stick by the rules of the expository write ups.

Top expository essay topics for the students of high school:

  1. Name and describe one person that you admire the most in this world and why you do that?
  2. If you get a chance to be an animal for a single day, which animal would you choose to be?
  3. If you get the chance to be a single person for a day, which personality would you choose to be?
  4. Suppose the phenomenon of time travelling is possible then which year would you have moved back to?
  5. What is the name of your favourite book and why it is your favourite?
  6. Name the teacher you admire the most and what qualities sin him/her makes you to admire?
  7. The vacation spot that you will be always willing to visit forever in your life?
  8. What is the one thing that you would want to change in this world and why would want to change it?
  9. Write about the day where you enjoyed the most in your life till date and name three major thing that you have experienced that day?
  10. What are the different genres of music that you like to listen to and why those genres attract you so much?
  11. What is the best and the worst thing that you have noticed about your school and how you think of changing them?
  12. Describe one story that has affected you a lot and why it has affected you?
  13. Name one movie that has changed your view of thinking and what are the elements in it has been responsible for such a change?
  14. What do you think are the causes for teen pregnancy and how do you think these things should be taken care of?
  15. Is global warming killing the earth? How do you think you will be an active participant to stop it from happening?
  16. What are the most discrete vies that you have about your life?

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